Wednesday, 30 September 2009


1. Is it just typical Boneyard get a super vert just after you move to Dubai, I heard you were once Cheshire Vert Champ?

I guess it is, I will be back over at winter for a session, so ill be busting out some old school maneuvers on the vert proving that I am still Chester’s king of vert.

2. England misses your mum, does she wear a bikini in the hot weather?

NO! Its Dubai so she has to were a veil.

3. Did you know before you left James was hooked on the wacky backy?

I had a good Idea that he was. There was always something up with that kid. Key sources say he buys it off his father macdonald.

4. Did them purple moonboots you used to skate ever make it to the moon?

Sadly not they were sold to Luke Turnbull.

5. Fave Boneyard tuck shop choice?

It has to be the fun gum & coke combo meal.

6. Does it ever make you chuckle your surname has a connection with a stonking erection!

Every day. Sometimes it makes me wont to franchise out into roller-porn.

7. Did James ever mention doing some smack to you?

No, however it all started with james smoking green tea from a bible at harry fearnalls.

8. Living with a MILF, any drawbacks?!

No comment.

9. Out shout's!?

Everyone skating at the boneyard

Andy Hosker
Lee Deveruex (I still wont my scrubs box set back)
Harry fearnall
James-get of the weed-may
Jake Rickets
The wrexham crew
And most important the major brothers for the amount of taxing they have done for me

Peace! x

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