Sunday, 16 December 2012


It's always hard to get hold of the most sought after Christmas gifts and it seems this year getting hold of a Furby is no different.

However the long search paid off and Kirbs finally found the little guy and proceeded to give the stores elf a present of his own to make her cheeks turn rosy!

Check the happy Christmas threesome out below!

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

DAY 15: Andy's dreaming of a whiteee.... balance!

Top camera man Andy Lawrence has been braving the awful weather this week and has ventured up to the highest heights in search of the perfect white balance. 

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But as he braved the blizzards on his way back home to the farm he had the shocking realisation he had forgotten to put the miniature ponies back in the stables. 

Fortunately after digging down to his knees Andy found Black Beauty alive yet slightly frozen around the edges.

Andy and his horse are currently in our thaw...ts!

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Friday, 14 December 2012

DAY 14: Mys....tree solved!

Ever wondered who's been cutting down all the Christmas trees this winter?? Well GMtv has finally found the man...

Dr Hosker fresh out of medical college has been performing surgery around the Chester area and said he won't lay down his chainsaw until every house has a big green tree in the front room.

Just look at his cheerful little chops below as he prunes another evergreen!

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

DAY 13: Look who's sl...OWAIN up the Christmas queues!

As if the Christmas rush picking up them final presents wasn't hectic enough, it now seems there is another problem dragging out the line at the checkouts.

Owain just loves to stock up on clothes for the Christmas party season and this year is no exception as he piles up the products by the till.

Check out Calvin Clegg below he models his latest festive look!

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DAY 12: It's the most wonderful weld of Robs year!

Rob bid fair well to the UK and flew over to help his American counterparts celebrate the holidays by performing the most Christmassy of welds.

Demonstrating Mig and Tig welding skills in sequence he managed to manipulate metal to form the most wondrous snowman ever witnessed by the human eye.

Check out Rob and the team below as the admire the new man in their lives!

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Monday, 10 December 2012

DAY 10: Salty and safe this Christmas!!

With the freezing weather coming in, get some salt down and make the footpaths safe!

Check out old Salty salting the local pavements earlier today!

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Miss you buddy!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

DAY 9: The real slick St Nick slips up!

Benny Shelbourne has been writing his Christmas list for months now and after another dry year and in need of a good servicing SEX was top of the list of his most wanted gifts.

Unfortunately Santa misread old Bennys handwriting and ended up purchasing him a lovely SAX.. at least he has something to blow on over the holidays and judging by the photo below he seems quite made up with his present.

God bless you Shelbourne!

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

DAY 8: Wouldn't stay in England Fearnall the tea in China!

Harry cannot stick spending Christmas in the UK so is off to Sri Lanka for some sun, sea, sand, sex and santa surfing.

When Rude Boi Clothing went international Harry became widely known across Europe and the World as a extreme sports sponno'd rider! Now each year the Christmas Fearnall fears nothing as he surfs the tidals into shore with gifts for local children!

Check Hazza hanging loose below!

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Friday, 7 December 2012

DOUBLE UPDATE FRIDAYZ!: Hughes looking after santas reindeers!!!

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Santas got enough on his plate without looking after dancer, prancer and the other reindeers this Christmas, so its lucky Barrow is on hand to keep them fed and watered ready for the big flight!

Check Barrow out above as he gives Cupid a good pat on the back as he drinks a well deserved milk.

Whadda' guy!

DAY 7: The return of SLedward!!

Mulgrew a pair and sent a big air off this wicked jump!!!!

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

DAY 6: Don't your Christmas lights!!!

It's time to start getting your Christmas tree down from the loft and light the blighter!

And it looks like Loz has amped up his decorations this year but has gone and got his wires crossed and has ended up in a bit of a tangle!

Luckily little Lozzy didn't lose his fuse, realised what on earth was going on corrected his shocking error!!!

Merry Christmas Laurence!!!

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DAY 5: Tombos cranking up the heat for Christmas dinner!

Whilst everybody rushes round buying presents and getting ready for their Christmas parties Tombo only has one priority.... Christmas dinner. Placing his turkey in the oven now on a low heat for the big day Tombo used his experience with the birds to give it a good stuffing.

Tombo revealed some trade secrets including " I have been getting in shape with kickboxing all year and after all the blood, sweat, oinx and tears I can really feel the benefits when driving the stuffing home ready for the big day"

As Tombo has been running Hunter Precision Engineering on the side he has often had his hands full with the daily grind but this hasn't stopped him using less conventional methods to fill the hole.

Check out Tombo just putting the more familiar finishing touches to the delicious dish below!


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DAY 4: for that perfect Christmas gift!

As the days race by and we get ever closer to Christmas Rich has been making sure he gets online and hunts down the best Christmas presents at competitive prices!

As Rich leaves Tombo to make an abortion out of another important weld he can browse the world wide web from the comfort of his own workshop.

Check out Rich making this womens dreams come true as she opens a luxury toaster!!!

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Remember kids you don't have to be Rich to afford the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas!!!

Monday, 3 December 2012


Picture the scene, as the young baby jesus is born and is cradling in his manger under the loving eyes of Mary and Joseph... In walk the three unwise men.

First up was the unwise gentleman Danny Rowlands who soon put jesus in his place and said " the only miracle I believe in, is how I didn't end up a mangled wreck after me bike crash", he then proceeded to inform Joseph that carpentry is a rubbish trade and how a years diploma at Reaseheath is the only way to smash in 3000 a day.

Next up was fresh from collecting glasses at the local inn (totally booked up, of course) was Jake Ricketts, he told jesus as soon as he's old enough they are getting mashed together and gave him an irreplaceable gift  of some free products from the world renown Smooth Rollerblading Brand.

And last up was Finbar who asked Mary and Joseph if he could start a tab as he has spent all his money fuelling his camel to get to Bethlehem.

And thus that is the story of the 3 unwise men, picture them at the nativity below....

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

DAY 2: New man, back from Nam with a gran!

Nick has been in Vietnam for the past month finding himself on a Asian spiritual journey, but he just had to return for the Christmas countdown!

As he jumped off the plane onlookers noticed Nick had brought back a little memento to get his own claus into, It looks like Saint Nick has an extra pair of hands to help empty his sack this Christmas! Ohhh Errrr!!!

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DAY 1: Santas present mAccident!

James Mac finally passed his driving test this year and was all geared up to ask santa for the ultimate present... a car!

Unfortunately Santa made a complete cod and misheard old Jammys request, thinking he had asked for a carp!!!!

Check out James below as he is in search for that elusive carp and tests out this years presents of a new rod and some waterproofs!!


Can't bait to catch up with you over Fishmas James, it will fly by so float in, and don't be the one who got away!

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