Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tis the season to show I.D

A early christmas treat for you all here in the form of Father Slickmas.

If you have a christmas party planned or are just spreading the christmas cheer this time of year enjoying a coca cola with your buds, have a wonderful time and be sure to display a valid passport or driving license for Father Slickmas at the bar humbug.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Almost that time of year!!!!

The second GMtv christmas countdown starts Thursday!!!! BE AFRAID!!!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Building ramps, surviving amps!!!!!

Boneyards Rob Wilson had a nasty shock the other day when he tried to disconnect Callum from a marathon PC stick race and felt the full force of 240 Volts.

Rough and ready Rob who usually resembles a slightly chargrilled around the edges, dust covered, anti soap, never clapped eyes on Head and Shoulders labourer has had his fair share of shocks in his illegal career of impersonating a tradesman and looks set to continue.

Glad your still alive and kicking Robert!!!!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Time to kick the sticks Hardwick!!!

Things came to a climax the other day when Hosker opened up the skatepark to find Callum had spent all night wired in and getting his fix from sticks!!!

Callum has been spending daily 15 hour stints sending wild gaps and backflips on stick stunt biker, but refuses to admit it is effecting his work and social life.

Tombo was real upset when he had to wait 3 and a half hours for Callum just to serve him a freddo and he says he may possibly take his confectionary business elsewhere.

Let hope Callum can kick this asticktion and get back to full health soon!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Crime Scene Fin-vestigation

Tune in this week as CSI's Haratio visits the UK to solve one of the biggest crimes of the century, who stole Fin's disgusting banana coloured blades.
Watch the crime unfold as Peter Bell is taken in for questioning and eventually busted for possession of a suitcase full of marijuana, Haratio swobs the lino flooring but only finds evidence of ratty and Fin sobs his dirty blonde fringe off when he finds they have been sold and are currently on the Runcorn black market!!!

KID's guide to a smarter uni experience!!!!

Matty has recently returned to uni and wants to help educate the freshers on how to enjoy uni life the adult way. Speaking from experience he has compiled a short guide of words of wisdom to make your uni life an enjoyable one!
Here are a few choice snippets from the guide:

Eat healthy! You don't want to be showing your mates back home that extra love handles when you return!!

Get out a little! Don't be lazing in your pit all day, go sun your torso and top up that vitamin D!!!

Watch them units! Everyone loves a beverage but one too many and you never know who you are going to be dancing with before its back to your place for a one night stand!!

Grab some serious KIDdywinks! Shut your eyes, clear your stomach and get your head down!

Socialize with friends, old and young. Embrace a silver fox's scalp!

And finally don't drink and board, think of your delicate body, you only get the one don't want to go breaking it do you!!

Matty's Guide to Uni Life is available in all good bookstores for christmas!!!!

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