Tuesday, 24 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 23: Hosker cuts down the cost of your x-mas fare!

Stuck on the platform waiting for that cancelled train? Sick of the gridlocked roads with Christmas traffic? Well here is your answer!

Hosker has ditched cutting down garden bushes and cutting off his vital limbs and has turned his attention to cutting down your festive fare! Launching AndyCabs at the start of he month he has been inundated with calls to provide his swift navigation skills and joyful chitter chatter to get Christmas clients from A to B.

With his harness now tightly fastened onto the local traffic reports and the only saw in sight his sore arse cheeks from the drivers seat, Hosker says the only surgery he wants to return to is the regular hospital run for his loyal OAP client base.

Check Hosker below unloading the last of his Christmas eve eve's passenger luggage!

Monday, 23 December 2013


Not many people know this but the second B in the BBC stands for Barnzey, and it seems he had finally found his perfect job working for the major broadcaster this Christmas.
But it seems it is a long way from making music videos for unheard DJs and skatepark documentaries lacking in Major interviews.
Barnzey has been asked to find and load the 156,000,000 Christmas repeats on the box this year and it's going to take all the skills he has learnt throughout his degree... thats right, absolutely nothing!

But Barnzey won't be beaten, look as he rolls up his sleeves and collar and smashes the reels on ready for you and your family to watch the Christmas box!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 21: Andy gets his Christmas presents off the ground!

Lawrence has had a few ideas of what to get for Christmas, there was a greater price for milk, motivation to rollerblade, a novel on Steven Speilberg's perfect angles and most of all a real life working helicopter to film his home movies.

And it looks like Andy's dreams come true when he got his whirlybird prior to the big day. Lets hope Andrew has a little more luck with this chopper, as the only flying his last one saw was when he fly tipped on his way home to Oswestry.

Check out Andy's joy as he unwrapped his copter right before it malfunctioned and burst into a ball of fire!

ADVENT DAY LATE 20: The daily Christmas meal for Lewis Neal!

Lewis has been showing his new found dominance and fame in the inline skating world by having a Christmas dinner a day with all the trimmings.

After being crowned the rollerblading equivalent of Justin Bieber, Lewis has demanded a bird a day and a regular toasting to his good name and his dreams of reaching puberty on Proline!

Check out 'the biggest Neal' in rollerblading and skatelebrity with his illustrious company below, as they toast his 20th dinner of the Christmas season.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 19: It's D-Day for first class postage!

Tom has packed in the bores of science and has been working his socks off as a postman.  Instead of working out what gives things mass, he has been tackling a mass of parcels for the girls and boys of the UK. The only laser Tom wants to see is the one in his pocket that tracks recorded delivery.

So check out Tom celebrating D-day and the final full sack of Christmas postage to tackle.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 18: Clarke disembarks to clean up snow woes!

Todays photo shows Duncan Clarke conducting his yearly snow support pulling others out of the white stuff with his brand new snow quad.

Having a big piece of machinery between his thighs just feels so natural to
Duncan and he can't wait to get on all fours and down and dirty.

 So when caught in a drift get Clarke to tug you off with all his power!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 17: Edward Mul'led wining and dining

Edward has managed to pass through his Welsh university education with the one night stands ringing into double figures. But with Christmas fast approaching he has decided to find a women he can share a little more with than bodily juices... thats right a nice warm cup of festive mulled wine!

I phoned Edwards mum to find out the scoop on his hot new relationship. She told me that Edd and his date had spent Saturday and Sunday over at the Llandudno Markets, which was funny as I am sure I heard Edward say he was going to Bangor all weekend. Boom tish!

Check out the new love interest mulling sweet nothings over mulled wine with Mulgrew, before he turns on the charm and pushes things b'edwards!

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