Tuesday, 8 November 2011

KID's guide to a smarter uni experience!!!!

Matty has recently returned to uni and wants to help educate the freshers on how to enjoy uni life the adult way. Speaking from experience he has compiled a short guide of words of wisdom to make your uni life an enjoyable one!
Here are a few choice snippets from the guide:

Eat healthy! You don't want to be showing your mates back home that extra love handles when you return!!

Get out a little! Don't be lazing in your pit all day, go sun your torso and top up that vitamin D!!!

Watch them units! Everyone loves a beverage but one too many and you never know who you are going to be dancing with before its back to your place for a one night stand!!

Grab some serious KIDdywinks! Shut your eyes, clear your stomach and get your head down!

Socialize with friends, old and young. Embrace a silver fox's scalp!

And finally don't drink and board, think of your delicate body, you only get the one don't want to go breaking it do you!!

Matty's Guide to Uni Life is available in all good bookstores for christmas!!!!

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