Tuesday, 24 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 23: Hosker cuts down the cost of your x-mas fare!

Stuck on the platform waiting for that cancelled train? Sick of the gridlocked roads with Christmas traffic? Well here is your answer!

Hosker has ditched cutting down garden bushes and cutting off his vital limbs and has turned his attention to cutting down your festive fare! Launching AndyCabs at the start of he month he has been inundated with calls to provide his swift navigation skills and joyful chitter chatter to get Christmas clients from A to B.

With his harness now tightly fastened onto the local traffic reports and the only saw in sight his sore arse cheeks from the drivers seat, Hosker says the only surgery he wants to return to is the regular hospital run for his loyal OAP client base.

Check Hosker below unloading the last of his Christmas eve eve's passenger luggage!

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