Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 5: The soon to be... Father Christmas!

Daddy Dolelands has been preparing for fatherhood by stepping in as Father Christmas at local venues around the Tattenhall area.

Letting down numerous bricklaying gangs that he single handedly smashes 2000 a day in for, Danny has ditched his trowel and decided to get some preparation in with the tots. Danny has been teaching kids the true messages of the season including getting smashed and polishing off a stocking full of drugs.

But Danny's still been making a living to start preparing for the baby, he has been mowing down local Christmas trees with his body as he flies of his festive scooter. Unfortunately when asked to buy a cot with his first pay packet he bought pot. The silly beggar!

Check the evergreen salesman out below!

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