Sunday, 1 December 2013

ADVENT DAY 1: On location with Jonathan Sledwards

I have had the opportunity to catch up with ex-olympic triple jumper, ex BMX'ex'er, stone cold Steve Austin expression face, self confessed selfie addict Jonathan Edwards aka the guy who won the camera Andrew Lawrence sold 150,000 litres of milk to afford!

Never missing an opportunity Jonathan has decided to do a collaboration with the bleak abyss and has developed his own steadysleddycam to get them perfect pans of absolute nothingness.

Unfortunately the naivety of Naive Synagog rung true as Jonathan was caught in arctic winds and only had his VW Golf GT parcel shelf to protect his fringe from freezing even more perfectly into position.

Here is a live still Andrew Lawrence captured on his fully purchased Sony FS700 of ol'Jonny freezing his knackers off filming for the NAIVE X INSERT GENERIC WORD OR COMPANY NAME HERE RELATED TO CHRISTMAS deal...

... can't bleeding wait!

windows screen capture

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