Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DAY 5: Tombos cranking up the heat for Christmas dinner!

Whilst everybody rushes round buying presents and getting ready for their Christmas parties Tombo only has one priority.... Christmas dinner. Placing his turkey in the oven now on a low heat for the big day Tombo used his experience with the birds to give it a good stuffing.

Tombo revealed some trade secrets including " I have been getting in shape with kickboxing all year and after all the blood, sweat, oinx and tears I can really feel the benefits when driving the stuffing home ready for the big day"

As Tombo has been running Hunter Precision Engineering on the side he has often had his hands full with the daily grind but this hasn't stopped him using less conventional methods to fill the hole.

Check out Tombo just putting the more familiar finishing touches to the delicious dish below!


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