Monday, 3 December 2012


Picture the scene, as the young baby jesus is born and is cradling in his manger under the loving eyes of Mary and Joseph... In walk the three unwise men.

First up was the unwise gentleman Danny Rowlands who soon put jesus in his place and said " the only miracle I believe in, is how I didn't end up a mangled wreck after me bike crash", he then proceeded to inform Joseph that carpentry is a rubbish trade and how a years diploma at Reaseheath is the only way to smash in 3000 a day.

Next up was fresh from collecting glasses at the local inn (totally booked up, of course) was Jake Ricketts, he told jesus as soon as he's old enough they are getting mashed together and gave him an irreplaceable gift  of some free products from the world renown Smooth Rollerblading Brand.

And last up was Finbar who asked Mary and Joseph if he could start a tab as he has spent all his money fuelling his camel to get to Bethlehem.

And thus that is the story of the 3 unwise men, picture them at the nativity below....

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